The all-new Kiosk Caravan

Since fall 2023, several CFERs are now offering a new Caravan formula: the Kiosk Caravan!

Designed to raise awareness among adults, this Caravan allows CFER students to work on their oral interaction skills in a context that could be similar to many professions involving customer service. Students learn to politely address a passerby (citizen, customer, employee), to measure their reactions and to adjust to unforeseen events.

The Partner Wheel is the central element of the Kiosk Caravan. Passersbys are invited to spin it. Depending on the results, a CFER student will ask them a question related to environmental and resource protection objectives. Each question aims to promote small behaviors that can have positive impacts on our living environment.

The Kiosk Caravan can be presented in shopping centers, during lunch break in a company, in schools, or wherever there is enough traffic to keep our students busy! Contact the Réseau or a CFER in your region to find out about the possibilities of hosting a free presentation of the Kiosk Caravan.

Thanks to our partners: Hydro-Quebec, ARPE-Quebec, SOGHU, Eco-Peinture and Fondation Desjardins!