CFER Pedagogy

CFER pedagogical approach

The CFERs welcome students aged 15 and over with significant academic delay. The CFER pedagogy aims to develop five values: commitment, respect, effort, autonomy and rigor. By developing these values, students will become independent individuals, engaged citizens and productive workers.

In addition to achieving the objectives of the ministerial pre-work training program, the CFERs impose on themselves common educational tools and a flexible school organization.

In addition, the CFER Olympiads add a source of motivation, support school perseverance and promote self-transcendence among students at high risk of dropping out of school.

“A happy life and an acceptable standard of living are perfectly attainable for an independent person, an engaged citizen and a productive worker, regardless of the degree obtained. »

Normand Maurice, founder of CFER

Our tools

Current events

Every day, CFER students learn about current events, which will serve as a basis for teaching.

To be an engaged citizen, the CFER student must understand the world surrounding him/her.

Citizen involvement

Throughout their CFER course, students will have to get involved in social or environmental projects. They will participate in "The Grande collecte CFER" a Spring cleanup project.

To be an engaged citizen, the CFER student has to get involved in his/her community.

Survival kit of graduates

Throughout their CFER course, students will prepare for socio-professional integration (resume, training and certifications, resource directory, etc.)

Tool under development (2023)

To be an autonomous person, the CFER student must build his adult life toolbox.


CFER students are committed to promoting sustainable development by presenting the Caravans in various environments. These awareness-raising activities make it possible to engage in a civic approach, in addition to having a significant impact on self-esteem.

As an engaged citizen, the CFER student have an impact on today's issues.


By developing their employability at school, CFER students enter the labor market better prepeared.

To be a productive worker, the CFER student enlarges his/her field of experience and expertise.

The CFER Olympiads

Every year, the Réseau CFER organizes the CFER Olympiads, a 3-day competition. 8 students from each of the 23 CFERs compete in challenges: Trivia, Manual Skills, Oral Expression and Sports. Which CFER will win the next Olympiads?

The Olympiades CFER are possible through the support of our sponsors and clients. Thanks for supporting this incredible event and the achievements of our students.