Environmental awareness

Raising awareness

You would like to host a presentation on sustainability in your school or organization? Our CFERs might just have a great proposition for you!

CFERs present the Sustainable Development Caravans, free of charge!Targeting many different clienteles, in a traditionnal, online, gaming or kiosque model, our presentations will allow participants to discover how their actions can have a positive effect. Each Caravan is covering its own theme: the Recycling Caravan and the Energy and Water Caravan.

Each year, around

8000 to 10 000 people

are discovering how to reduce their eco footprint by attending a Caravan.

Recycling Caravan

Energy and Water Caravan

The Classic Caravan

In your Elementary schools

Targeting 4th and 5th graders, this 45-minute presentation focuses on household choices regarding waste management and energy efficiency.

It's a complete show with objects and visual support.

Get in touch with your local CFER to know more about their services.

Break-Out Game Caravan

In your classroom

Targeting 5th and 6th grader, the Break-Out Caravan requires preparation activities prior to the visit of CFER students. The game reactivates knowledge from other activities. This multitasks game lasts 60 minutes. Participants will try to solve puzzles and quizzes to unlock a mystery box.

A dynamic and popular activity!

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Caravane Quiz

Partout au Québec

Targeting 5th and 6th grader, this Online Caravan mixes content coverage and fun! A game will help students validate their understanding of environmental issues.

Raising awareness, with no boundaries!

Get in touch with the Réseau CFER to book an online Caravan.

Kiosque Caravan

In your business

Targeting adults, the Kiosque Caravane challenges customers, employees or citizens regarding their knowledge of environmental issues. By answering basic questions, participants will discover basic actions that could lower their eco-footpring.

Get in touch with your local CFER or with the Reseau CFER to request a Kiosque Caravan.

Les présentations de Caravanes sont offertes sans frais dans les écoles à proximité des CFER grâce au soutien de nos partenaires.