Earth Day: time for the Great CFER Recovery 2024

The melting of the snow makes us realize that spring is well established. On the other hand, the disappearance of snow allows the appearance of waste accumulated during the cold months.

The Great CFER Recovery targets this issue of pollution of public spaces. As part of Earth Day (April 22), CFER students will take charge of cleaning a park, the banks of a river, the side of a road or school grounds. It’s a great opportunity to learn and demonstrate that all citizens can have a positive impact on their community. It is also an opportunity to promote the CFERs through concerted action.

During the first edition, in spring 2023, nearly 7,000 pounds of waste were removed from our living spaces. Considering the amazing amount of small plastic objects collected, which are generally very light, it was quite an effort to do this major cleaning.

Congratulations to the students and thank you for their citizen involvement in their community!