Thank you so much!

To all CFER students and staff,

Jacques Ouellette CFER, the teachers’ team as well as the HEP thank you for your assistance during 2017 Olympiads. We always appreciate your engagement with our students and their needs whether in the diverse activities or in the cafeteria. We are definitely grateful.

We would like to congratulate every Single CFER for all your efforts in order to make the Olympiads so entertaining.

Thank you to the organizing committee, to all the volunteers and to CFER charming circle/ network for making the Olympiads so thrilling and exiting throughout the years. Your rigor is always there where it expected.

We would certainly not forget Bishop University staff’s kindness and especially their respect, which was so obvious and always in the foreground.

A particular thank you to all the donators who allow the achievement of such a gorgeous project. We sincerely appreciate your contribution, which enables us to work on our students’ autonomy.

Finally, we wish you happy holidays. Profit well, recharge your batteries and renew your energy.

Students’ Team;

James Rodrigue, Charles Auger, Félix Garneau, Émile Leroux, Florence Vaillancourt, Akim Ouellette, Nikolas Branchaud, Ramin Shekarabi, Gagriel Doucet, Bianka Brulotte, Tristan Laflamme-Millette

Teachers’ Team;

Ariane Labrecque, Denis Joncas, Oliver Matei, Maryse Théberge