Laptops for the students!

Lundbeck Canada, a multinational pharma company, has been a business partner of CFER Riverdale since the very beginning, we have been their recycler of choice.  Twice a year we pick up their old electronic equipment for disposal but we have also been able to share it with the community because they have an end of lease program for their staff and their equipment is 2-3 years old when we get it.

We have not only disposed the material but we have been able to give back to community organizations who need them.  Our last pick up that we did,  Lunbeck gave us numerous laptops, printers, monitors, cameras and routers that  have found their way into numerous organizations such as elementary schools, high schools, group homes and our special needs programs.

CFER Riverdale has been able to give a laptop to every students in the program, with the help of Dr. Bertalan the lap tops have been cleaned and are in proper working order.

The CFER team decided that the laptops would be given out on a merit basis during the next few months and here you see the first group of students who were able to take home a laptop yesterday.

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