A new forklift at CFER Heritage

On May 14th, representatives from the Riverside School Board, city counsellors from Longueuil and administrators from Caisse Desjardins de St-Hubert gathered at CFER Heritage for the inauguration of their brand new forklift. Greeted by students and staff, more than 20 people visited CFER Heritage. They found out that this new forklift was an essential key to all the activities of the CFER shop, and that it also is a great tool to motivate students and to prepare them for the world of work.

Special thanks to Desjardins, Caisse de St-Hubert, for their amazing generosity. Their grant helped made this acquisition possible.

All the students and visitors gathered around Felix, one of the students learning to drive the forklift.

Students and staff listening to Mrs Gasser’s speech.

Visitors testing their knowledge on good environmental practices, at the Caravan Kiosk.