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Industrail waste collecting and managing

Your organisation generate waste that you would like to get rid of responsibly, while minimizing your burying costs? We might have a solution for you!

For more then 10 years, the CFER Networks offers industrial waste management to enterprises and organisations. From collecting to sorting, passing by caracterisation and bailing, our buisness-schools will help your organization go greener.

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You would like to organize a environmental sensitization activity in your school or organisation? We have a dynamic and free solution for you!

CFER offers, free of charges, presentations of the sustainable development caravans. Adaptable to multiple clienteles, in a traditionnal or exhibit form, these presentations will allow the public to learn their power to change things by recycling, protecting water and energy efficiency.

Each year, close to 30 000 people are sensitized by the sustainable development caravans.

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Video Recuperation’s Caravan

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Video Énergi-O’s Caravan

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Work force

You need unqwualified workers? You would like to host as stage for a student. Our students are just what you need!

Our graduating students already cumulate 900h of experience, both in the CFER and external enterprises. During their formation, they have integrated values of autonomy, effort, involvment, respect and rigor, making them autonomus persons, engaged citizens and productive workers. Willing to get involved, our certified graduates have convinced their teachers that they were top candidates for unqualified work.

You’ll only have to explain them their role in your organization.

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You would like to contribute to the training of a student while benefiting from his services?

Our graduating students are requiered to do an un-remunated stage, that could be up to 600h, in an unqualified field of activity. In this stage, the student will be able to challenge his values of autonomy, effort, involvment, respect and rigor developed in the 450h of stages done in the CFER plant.

All along the stage, the teachers insure a direct and regular link with you, making sure that things are running as they should and making the necessary adjustments.

At the end of their last stage, the majority of our graduates get employed, since the benefited from an excellent formation.

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You didn’t find the service you were looking for?Contact us! All of our services were born after someone called us for help. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to develop exactly what you need!

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