À propos du réseau CFER

How does a CFER work ?


Schools that decide to offer the CFER program pledge to apply a flexible pedagogy, using a global task structure and to using the tools prescribed by the CFER Network.

CFERs also pledge to actively participle in Network activities

Global Task

A group of teachers take over the responsibility for the global training and education of the entire group of students.  

  • Every member of the team represents an equal part of The CFER. Everyone must be able to express themselves freely.
  • The absence of individual schedules allow the teachers to control, as much as possible, the various aspects of the CFER’s environment (groups composition, task and time sharing, space organisation).
  • Teachers are to respect the MELS’s program.

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Teaching Special Needs Students: A Satisfying Experience

More informations about the global task


CFER students read the newspaper daily allowing them to be informed citizens and serving as a basis for teaching.

To be an engaged citizen, one must understand the world he lives in.

Vocabulary cards

Each unknown word will be defined and written on a vocabulary card, physical or electronic, following a strict method.

To be an autonomous person, one must be able to express himself correctly with an adequate and precise vocabulary.


Each student’s work will be kept in a portfolio, physical or electronic, following a strict method

To be an autonomus person, one must be able to organize himself.


CFER students engage in the promotion of sustainable development by presenting, in various organizations, the caravans. Theses sensitization tools allow our student to engage in a citizen approach, while having a significate positive impact on their self-esteem.

To be an engaged citizen, one must get involoved!


Schools that decide to offer the CFER program integrate into their physical set up a non-profit enterprise that target students work preparation training as it’s mission. All of CFER enterprises work principally in a field of activity linked to sustainable development.

Due to the business being fully operated by students, they develop long-term, work related skills at many levels within many types of responsibilities. All profits generated by the business are reinvested in student’s training.

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